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Hello — I Love You — Bye By Amogh SHANDILYA

Different stages of relationship
Every relationship is divided into stages in which two individuals touch and influence each other in ways only best known to them. A relationship starts when they meet each other and there is a spark. It is not necessary that their meeting across the room or in way where either of the partners sees the other dealing with their usual schedule, not always clichéd situations like these make you meet the person you have always dreamed of in your wildest of fantasies. That person might be ‘mutual friends’, date from the social media platform, or even stranger in the room. It maybe the way they speak, things they talk about or even the warmth of their vibe and you are just hooked. You start spending more time with the person and you get comfortable in the presence of the person. You start discovering things you have common, places you eat, music you listen to, hobbies that interest you. Within days you become the people who confide into each other, telling ea…

How To Quit Your Job And Start A Business By Sumill Punamiya

Quitting your Job might be a lot easier than you think!
Trust Sumill Punamiya, the author of the recently published book How to Quit your Job and Start a Business,who has turned his life around for a bigger purpose. When asked him about his inspiration to write a book on this subject, he says, “Certain life events forced me to take a break from the monotony and grind of the agency life, which I’ve been living for past 7 years. That gave me this opportunity to sit back and observe people and their challenges. Most of them were my colleagues who were sick and tired of working for someone else but didn’t have any other alternative. I instantly knew I can help them and others who really wish to quit their job and help them get the business idea off the ground. This book is just the beginning.” 
Sumill Punamiya, a name amongst millions of Millennial, has observed the corporate world closely through his own Ad Agency, Revert India. Having worked for 60+ Brands across different sectors on 500+…

I, Me And Salman — 95% Fiction By Priya Saralkar

I, Me And Salman – 95% Fiction
Yes, you heard that right. I, Me And Salman – 95% Fiction is the name of the latest book on Salman Khan. Now, if it is on Salman Khan, how can it be fiction? And if it is 95% fiction, then what is the remaining 5%? What exactly is the genre of this book—fiction, romance, or biography? Well, it’s a little bit of all of the above.
I, Me And Salman charts 20 years of Salman’s life through the eyes of an ordinary Indian girl, while making her own journey in life.  Predictably, our girl Radha is in love with Salman, and wonders if she will ever meet her love Salman, but has no dreams of ever being with him. Instead, she builds her own sweet and somewhat delusional world where Salman is her friend, or as she says, “Friend-in-Mind”.  In this world of I, Me and Salman, Salman is Radha’s friend, philosopher, and guide in her journey.
The stress is on Salman’s equation with Radha, an ordinary girl with zero access to him, and on Radha’s life journey. Both of these are …

Absolutely… A Fairy’s Spirit Speaks By Dolly Mody

My unbridled childish curiosity had allowed me to see fairies. But as we outgrow naturalness, we distance ourselves from these lovely beings. It’s our disregard for our Mother Earth that makes them so elusive to us, and they remain an imagination in our folklores. Hushed for pronouncing my truth, I safeguarded my reality, until I was introduced to a fairy’s spirit.

An innocent conversation blossomed into a life lasting companionship… like mine, with Gurz GaRa Hurz. These conversations flowed with humorous integrity oozing sincerity and conviction, keeping me in awe and wonder. Their recognition of themselves brings joy to me, as he unwinds our mysticism about them and their ways.

I now recognize us as being within their architecture of the flora and fauna which is way beyond any of our understandings, overwhelming me. The delight of being me, has overpowered me all over again, making my everyday engagements more melodious, lively; a reflection of a deep influence bestowed on me. My misc…

The Lion Kid By Dr. Chhaya Pawar

The Lion Kid is a title that will attract all people who have emotional thinking. This book is not for any particular person but for the people of all ages would like to read it and not just read it but after reading it they will feel attached to the characters of the story. The book's specialty is its language.  No particular language was used in this book which brings it even closer to us.  It is not only a story. It is a war of goodness and evil, a war of rights, war of principles and war with a king's own emotions. Always wondered, these animals could also talk like us. If they cannot talk to us then what happened. Their life would be similar to ours. With this thought, I wrote this book and believe me, my experience was very good. I can say with full confidence that every word of this story will connect your heart with animals.
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India — My Heavenly Abode By Anshuman Gupta

So how does one define ‘love’? It’s amazing how such a small word is so difficult to define, and yet has been beautifully expressed in a myriad of ways. But one thing is clear–the word elicits the deepest of our emotions and makes us do wonders. What about the love for one’s country? We all love our country. We call it patriotism and wear it on our sleeves. We hoist flags, paint our faces in shades of tricolour during cricket matches, and play our national anthem in our cinema halls. We swear by our love for our nation, and deride anybody who highlights any problem, right? We take pride in our culture, values and diversity, natural beauty and our warm, welcoming inhabitants. We do not want to listen to anything negative, and why should we? After all, we are positive people, and we should look at only the good part, and ignore the rest. Well, should we? Is that what one does to one’s loved ones? Take the good part, and discard the bad part? Can ignorance ever be a precursor …