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Blue Rose Release: I Will Wait….. Till…..

This book takes you on a ride of life which has bumpy roads. Arav and Pakhi’s innocent love story leads on a twisted road and hence decides the ultimate destination of their relationship. This book basically deals with old school romance, typically 90’s style, where we didn’t have cell phones, social media, internet etc. at that time. Unlike today, where everything is just a click away. It tells the new age generation about the concept of love during that time, how it used to be when whatsApp, twitter, and facebook were not there. It was a time where couples used to write love letters, they used to call through landlines hiding from everyone’s eyes. This book will take you to that kind of old school romance. It has all the ups and downs which a couple faces in our society, which considers loving someone outside our communities a taboo. It traces the journey of the couple Arav and Pakhi, from their childhood friendship to adulthood romance and what challenges they face during the ride…