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"The Ordinary Boy" A Blue Rose Exclusive Release

When ordinary did extraordinary
This story is of two ordinary people who fall in love; the story of Madhav and Sheetal. People do fall in love. But what next? It takes courage and sacrifices to keep going.

Madhav did some extraordinary things to win Sheetal's parent's heart. Here, Sheetal gives Madhav emotional support in his critical situations. The story is about how you keep your relationship going in critical times.

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The Umri Gene by Preety Kaithwas

Child sexual abuse Are you certain that there has never been a child molester or any sexually abused child in your family? If yes, then you may be wrong. Child molestation happens almost every hour of the day, but largely they go unreported. Unfortunately, a majority of children never vocalise their suffering, even adult survivors of molestation seldom speak of their experience. They feel ashamed that such incident happened to them. The abused hesitates to speak as mostly the molester is known to the family. Intensely ashamed largely blaming themselves for being preyed the molested children don’t even understand what they are experiencing. The molester usually first impresses the child showering gifts, treating him/her special, and once when a child is comfortable, the abuser’s next move is set as now the child is less likely to alert the adults and it becomes difficult for the child to refuse the molester’s advances. Mostly the abusers target children in their own families and childre…

Kuchh Hakikat Kuchh Falsfe- A Bluerose Release

Collection of beautiful poems based on real life experiences
“Kuchh Hakikat Kuchh Falsfe” is a collection of beautiful Hindi poems, by three new poets:  Manish Singh, Neetish Tewari, and Chhavi Raina who despite being full time IT employees, kept their passion of poetry alive and got the book published. This is their maiden venture in writing, providing various flavours of life, be it humour, happiness, love, separation or inspiration. 
In the book, you will find poems for various categories. The first being the romance section, where the feelings of a person in love are described. It talks about small, yet precious moments, like when your heart skips a beat by a mere look of your love or the anxiety which creeps in when you don’t get to see him/her. Few lines like below expresses such feelings beautifully: 
“Tum sath nahi to duniya ki,  daulat pakar kar bhi kya karna. Jab maan liya tumhe rabb apna, to mandir jake phir kya karna.”
The next section is of separation and despair, where the ultim…

Was my heart blocked or hacked? - A Blue Rose Exclusive Release

Was my heart blocked or hacked?captures the beauty of unpolished love and the sheer determination to get the girl. The book at first speaks for the different flavors of school time love, after which it turns into the typical ending. We come across many people in life, then how can one person make a soft corner and become way too valuable. How does things and perception change for an unknown person, maybe it’s just an illusion? The trust becomes the cupcake and plays its sweetness until or unless the cowardliness enters your life. Does the past play the role or the present and upcoming future is realistic. What matters more is the love bond that is held.
He tried to explain her how much he loved her and how much he would have treasured her. When she didn’t understand, he tried showing her how much he meant what he said. He couldn’t have slowed his frantically beating heart. He couldn’t have shooed away the butterflies dancing in his belly. His reaction for her presence was immediate and…

The Ruiner by Ashish Kumar

According to Ashish, in his current book he has added his twelve years research, experience, exploration, quest, desires, and emotions of the most difficult topics of the universe. But most of all, this book is written by the secret guidance of that infinite power which has given him suggestions, points to add in this book, and clarity of concepts. Some are wonders for scientists, others can be helpful for scientists—in the stage of meditation and dream—and even in dreamless sleep. He received signals and instructions from God in the state of meditation, dream, and dreamless sleep. Only he knows how much pain he has taken to insert his whole life into this book. There is no number of counts available which can tell him how many nights he has spent without sleep—even sleep was trying to give him warning that either enjoy me or be ready to break apart. He faced continuous headaches, which he had been facing from last twelve years, but was finally able to justify his efforts in the form …

Company Working Of Mechanical Engineer Freshers By Akshay Kasar

Company Working of Mechanical Engineer Freshers contains twenty-two chapters, in which the author has explained as per his industrial experience. Each chapter represents the different tasks and actual company working of mechanical engineers for various departments. Author has not only listed the documents which are maintained in the company but has also taught how to prepare the documents.
In short, the students those are appearing or completing their engineering course in mechanical engineering are known as fresher but after referring to this book, their resume will be equivalent to one-year experience holders’ resume. The book includes the points like five S, PPAP documents, TS 16949 , ISO Std. Kaizen – Poka-yoke, all manufacturing , EHS OHSAS, metal with defects with various stages, symbols of drawing, and so on. Author has presented his knowledge and thoughts as per his experience with care of no mistakes and misprints, yet if you observe any error or want to give any suggestion fo…