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Invictus by Palle Krishna Rao

“Invictus” ('invincible or unconquerable' in Latin)is a short Victorian poem published by the English poet William Ernest Henley in A Book of Verses (1888).
The poems in this book have been compiled in memory of Nelson Mandela who was incarcerated for 18 years at the brutal Robben Island Prison. Mandela’s total prison term spanned 27 years. “Invictus” bolstered Madiba’s inner strength and perseveranceduring his very long period of imprisonment.
The book has 49 poems covering a wide range of interests and concerns commencing with one on a mischievous Avatar. You will find poems that celebrate intelligence, tolerance, upholding of democratic ideals, decrying intolerance and the fear that haunts the world. Poems that highlight the plight of farmers and poems critical of the pernicious caste system and the innate cruelty of humans also find place. There is both light and dark humour.
Beneath the humor however, one cannot but notice the poet’s apprehension about the uneasy times not…

Iceman- A Blue Rose Release

According to Akshay Prakash, the author of Ice Man: King of Himalayas, writing a book is really an interesting job because we need to deeply feel every character that we create especially in fiction stories. It increases our imagination and helps us to sense different personalities of the humans. He also felt it is a difficult job because firstly, we need to have patience to write the book and enhance the story. It takes a lot of time in every step; from storyline up to publishing, we need to research every part and situation of the story. His book is a science fiction based on the story about the superpowers which is filled with the action sequence. He says, “I enjoyed a lot while writing the novel and I am happy to say that I completed my story in just six days. I feel this is a beautiful story to read.”
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Megha –Ek Naushikiye Ki Kavitaayien by Kumar Mohit

“Hindi has always been the voice of this country, though we have diversities Hindi doesn’t discriminate.” This is my love for Hindi, and surely this was the reason behind binding the collection of poems with a thread of emotions of the different color in a name which symbolizes hope for farmers, fate for peasants and source of life for creatures “Megha” (The Rain). The inspiration for writing this book is my interest in Hindi literature and the immense love of my grandfather. He had inspired a lot and same was done by those poets and authors (Jayshankar Prasad, Harivansh Rai Bachhan, Robert Frost and many other) of pre-independence era whom we had read during our school days. This book will surely be liked by those, who love the classical form of Hindi, the beauty of Hindi literature, the metaphors, the personifications and many other elements. And the subjects are also exhaustive like bravery, society, love, tragedy and truth. Moreover, the emphasis was laid on relating the poems wit…