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Indian Polity And Parliamentary Democracy By Vinod Sharma

A Book that travels with India's political and electoral journey.
The purpose of writing this book has been all along to aware the masses, especially youth, about the political system they are living in and are governed. Initially, I wanted to make it a voluminous one containing details of all Lok Sabha constituencies and their delimitation from time to time and all Parliamentarians since Independence. However, the content had to be shortened for various reasons.
However, this book covers, though briefly, all general elections, powers and functions of the Parliament, role of President, Vice President and Election Commission in a democracy like ours, tenures of almost all Prime Ministers,  days of Emergency in 1975, formation of various fronts and alliances for coalition governments, era of political instability in 1990s, wars with Pakistan and China and finally a single party getting absolute majority in 2014. In my opinion, this book is an honest, neutral and holistic account of Ind…

Sapno Ka Safarnama By Amber Jain

Exploring the unseen is what I call an adventure, and dreams are the best place for it. You never know what might be waiting for you. Life in a dream is much different from the real world. Every person wants to stay in the world of his dreams. What if a person gets a chance to live the life of dreams? This is what the story is about, narrated by the debut author Amber Jain. The story of a 45-year-old man named Vyom, who is bored with his real life. But suddenly, he becomes the owner of a unique gift. He gets an opportunity to travel to his dream world. His mind starts to feel less in the real world, and more time is spent in the dream world. According to Vyom, the world of his dreams is full of many more amazing, attractive, magical, and adventures than the real world. He did many adventures in his dream journey, which he had never done before—solved a lot of puzzles, faced conspiracies, and got threatened by dangers. But in the end, Vyom gets confused with the reality of the world of …

Mathematics CSIR/UGC NET-JRF By Gaurav Mittal And Kanika

Motive Behind the Book
As students, we also faced many problems solving previous year question papers. We personally want that other students should not face these kinds of problems in the future. We tried to make the solutions as easy as possible for the students to understand. We are very much sure that this book will really help students. There are so many books available for understanding the theory but sometimes theory is not sufficient to clear the doubts. We need some applications for the understanding of theory. This book will provide plenty of those applications. We are not claiming that our solutions are the best ones, but definitely, they will help students to increase their understanding. We also want to tell students that there are many ways of solving a particular question. We have tried to give the easiest possible approach for each solution, but students may find some other method easier.
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World Fallen Apart by Mir Saqib Farooq

I don’t really remember when I started to write, but I have been interested in literature since my
childhood. My Grandfather would tell me stories about the prophets, scientists, and my ancestors 
when I was five. As I grew, I started to read more and more books, mostly fiction.
I read many authors like Philip k dick, James Joyce, Isaac Asimov, and Franz Kafka. Their work 
infused a spark in me that words can really change the lives of people. I started to write a novel 
when I was fifteen, but could never complete that. Writing is a continuous struggle, one has to 
write again and again till his words are shaped into the ethereal magic that can move the 

So, after I was done at school and tuition, I would find some time for writing. I would just write 
about anything, about any blank thought or emotion till I turned 17. After that, I thought to 
complete my book that I’d left untouched years ago. And yeah, I completed it this time and named 
it World Fallen Apart.

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The Destiny by Khyati Jha

I dedicate this book to my maternal and paternal grandfathers for showering their blessings right from the heaven. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my father from whom I have inherited the skill of writing, my mother and my siblings for always inspiring me and encouraging me. I would also like to thank my good friend Abhishek for being a support throughout this book. I would like to extend my gratitude to my family, friends and all my readers. I hope you keep giving me all the support and love throughout.  Last but not least, I would like to thank Almighty God for blessing me with the skill and strength to pursue my dream.
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Ek Aur Tapasya by Addhira Shah

Loneliness is a true friend.
So many people try to impress others every day. Do you think about it? To impress others is the solution of problems? In actual it is not, because it is only temporary. What is permanent is only loneliness. Where there is no need to make a friend by impressing others. Loneliness is our true friend, which helps us to make our personality effective. In initial stages it is very difficult to adjust yourself in loneliness, but believe me, this is the right path from which you will see the first stair of your success. Throughout life a person is busy to please others, while this is impossible. It is almost the same like holding sand in a fist; because when you close the fist, the sand goes out first. Finally, nothing comes apart from the empty fist.  But loneliness encourages us to spread our wings towards the sky.
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Drink To The Dry By Abhinav Singh

No one cares
The wind is blowing cold tonight and I start thinking about the people sleeping on the streets; I hope they have a bottle of whiskey tucked under their dirty pillows. It’s when you’re on the street that you notice that everything is free and nothing had big locks with scary combination passwords, This is the way our democracy should work; You keep what you have without the possibility of stealing from others. And this is the way our people get looted too, Because they were too crazy to leave it one the street. Either way, The wind is cold tonight.
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Iridescent Life By Sonal Bharija

I am 29-year-old and still learning the ways of life, relationships and people. When I was told to write this article about the journey of my book Iridescent Life I was blank because clearly, it was 2:00 p.m. and I was relaxing after my lunch.
Avoiding my unnecessary humour now, I would love to share my journey from being an over-hyper impatient lecturer to a very patient and a blessed author. I started writing 1 year back when I was not too happy in life because of certain issues that everyone has. The main purpose of writing down my thoughts was to get rid of stress I was going through; not many people know but writing down our problems can really help our minds de-stressing and that’s what it did for me too. I never knew that my writing could ever influence anyone but it did when one day my husband tried reading one of the pages from my folder. He motivated me to write more and for the people now it gives me immense pleasure when people look forward to reading what I write or what I…

Aashiqui By Callre

Aashiqui - Where there is love, there is life
B L U R B Rahul Bedi’s college dreams include an education, meeting new friends and hopefully launching a successful music career. With the notes in his soul, he feels the rhythm in his rhymes and the beat of the instruments even when he closes his eyes. When he meets Sia Lennox, her voice and her form inspire that music and shine through every interaction they have. There is something about her that pulls him and calls to him. An underlying feeling that maybe she is the one who will complete him and be the partner he needs. However, sorority princess Priya walks and talks as if Rahul is already hers, a fact that seems surer by the day. While Sia is not exactly looking for a relationship, there is something about Rahul that makes her catch her breath and ensures that a confrontation with Priya is inevitable. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Abhishek Mohta, who goes by his pen-name ‘Callre’, is a novelist, screenwriter as well as synopsis writer who lives and …