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With great ease, we accept defeat from everything. We make ourselves weak even before the bad time. We should make sure that this doesn’t happen with us. It is not made for us. We compromise and forget all those dreams that we have for ourselves. Yes, we are the best person in all the things, made by God and they gave us the strength to understand and test humans only. Humans know what is right and what is wrong. We must know that no item is available very easily, it has to be acquired. And this rule is not just for us rather it was also for all those people who are successful in front of us today. Whether it is a poor Child Dale Carnegie or a child sharing newspaper at home, our sir APJ Abdul Kalam personally identified himself. Our Indian cricket team captain M.S. Dhoni was a T.T in the Indian Railways. We have to rely on ourselves, that we can also fulfil our dreams. We have to change our viewpoint. We also have to bring out a designer in ourselves. Whatever happens, we have to mo…

Safar Zindagi Ka By Rajkumari Razdan

Safar Zindagi Ka is a wonderful blend of sweet memories mixed with the struggle arising from exodus. The author from Kashmir, Rajkumari Razdan, with her serious experience of life, has portrayed a clear illustration of joyful fiction with a twist of hardship. Also, it has put a light on women empowerment considering the compromises she has to make to keep life and family going. There is a lot of Kashmir in the book as the journey of penmanship started from there. During migration, the whole passion came to a pause which later was resumed since the desire within had a big thrust to reach masses. It was well supported by active invitations from leading local and national magazines, cultural forums etc. This book is a bouquet of stories and poems to give a complete readership pleasure. Author Website:
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Tikri’s Fiasco By Rishav Sharma

Tikri’s Fiasco- A Glimpse
At Qasad headquarters in Briewsel, Raqsad, the Chief of Qasad got an anonymous mail, which wrote- “‘The consignment would reach on time as always, and in return, the gold mining rules should be adhered properly. Any glitch, no matter how small it is, would lead to the termination of this deal and ultimate problem for everyone directly or indirectly involved!’ a mail has been routed to Seculars from Tikran.”
Each mail from this anonymous group had a cryptic signature embedded in it. No one knew the origin of these cryptic strings. He was alarmed. “Who could this be? What is the purpose of this mail? Who is the sender? Is the sender a valid source?”
Several questions popped up in his mind. First, he thought to reply but feared if it was some kind of virus-trap or spam. Next day another mail popped up, which wrote-
“If you want to know about the details of this message, meet at the Salome Beach at 4 p.m.” Salome beach was the most popular beach of Briewsel. The Briewish…

SUKOON By Neeraj Bishoriya

किसी भी पिक्चर में हमें दिखाया जाता है कि एक बुरा इंसान अपनी ताकत के घमंड में बहुत बुरे काम करता है और लोगों को परेशान करता है। उसने इतने बुरे काम किए कि उसके पास सब-कुछ ग़लत तरीके से आ गया और वो लोगों के सुख - चैन छीनना चाहता है। तभी एक हीरो आता है जो बहुत बहादुर और ताकतवर होता है,जो उसको और उसकी बुराइयों को खत्म कर देता है लेकिन उस पूरी पिक्चर में सिर्फ झूठ ही दिखाया जाता है। किसी ने ये नहीं बताया कि वो बुरा इंसान इतना बुरा बना क्यों,किसी ने ये नहीं बताया कि वो लोगों को परेशान क्यों करता है। जब दुनियां किसी इंसान को बर्बाद,बेकार और अकेला कर देती है तो उसको बुरा बनना पड़ता है और बनना भी चाहिए। सब लोग उस इंसान की बुराई देखते है लेकिन कोई उसकी मेहनत नहीं देखता कि वो इतना अमीर और ताकतवर कैसे बना। जिन लोगों पर वो जुल्म करता है उनपे हमको हमदर्दी आती है लेकिन जब दुनिया ने उसके साथ बुरा किया, तो किसी को उसपे तरस नहीं आया। इसलिए मेरी नजर में वो बुरा इंसान सबसे ज्यादा सही और दुनिया गलत ही है और लोगों के साथ वहीं होना चाहिए जो उन्होंने दूसरो के साथ किया। और असल जिन्दगी पिक्चर से काफी अलग होती …

Positivism Makes Our Life Cheerful By Taruna Gupta

A person who never commits mistake can never learn. In fact, committing mistakes is one of the learning strategies that help us to make ourselves perfect by effacing our flaws. No human being born on this earth is perfect. Only God is perfect and reaching the state of perfection is not a cakewalk. This state is achieved after incessant efforts. Once a renowned saint Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa was interviewed that he has reached the state of salvation, should he be called a perfect scholar. He very innocently replied that he's still like a small kid who has to learn a lot and this process of learning shall go on till his last breath. It's always said that a wise person learns from his errors. If we don't pay attention to our faults or we neglect them, then we are certainly committing a crime. We're deceiving ourselves if we are concealing our errors. A strong person never shields his flaws but takes severe measures to correct them. It needs patience. It needs practice. I…


“Every cloud has a silver line. But what if the rain washes away those clouds? What if the clouds make a mind to cross the sun and spread the rainbow all over the earth?”
One such story is about a girl of strong will power girl.
The authoress and the story will give you a strong reason why you should never lose hope and be at your best. They both will teach us to hold on tight as long as you can fight. To be sure to put your feet in the right place and then stay firm.
Annupama was a world of uncertainties, disguised as a girl. But then she was thrown at many bitter and sour phases of life. As we know, we are the replica of what we think. Annupama was a strong and beautiful girl and not only this she turned out to be a power packed soul, who hammered all the hurdles, lost many people in her life that meant life to her. But she overcame her fears, her sorrows and won the race, or names it as battles of life.
The authoress has beautifully crafted the journey of a girl… to a spinster… to a wo…

The New You By Bharathi Santosh Kumar

The plight of the Unfortunate
After witnessing the education system through the windows of our Government school, it is obvious that the system ensures to sustain the rich and poor gap for forthcoming generations.  The state language is offered to the less fortunate children, while the fortunate grasped the language that fetched them future jobs and a promising career. The issue is that vernacular medium is not wholesome. Beyond schooling, the children are in for a cultural shock which they hardly recover from. To a non-English medium student, learning in an engineering college has been a painful struggle. Some even fail to pass the subjects as they move from one semester to another. They hardly make any attempt themselves to seek help and avoid contact and tend to stay only with other non-English medium ones; which makes the situation worse and thereby they lose a fine opportunity to mature as fluent communicators. Added to this is their inability to participate in day-to-today expe…

Her Biography By Shriya Nanda

The night went by and the tears dried,

The wet pillow where I sobbed and cried.

The emotional storm within me, blurred my vision,

Anything ahead in life, I could barely see.

Promises un-kept are still lying on those coffee tables,

The beautiful dreamy world is only part of the fables.

Things took an unexpected turn, though were thought to be merry.

Now let my heart stay dry,

I wish not to nourish it with emotions and feelings.

Those wounds although old,

Are still struggling through the process of healing.

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Talash By Sangya Shrivastava

A Journey of Love
Talash is the story about a pleasant journey of love. Sometimes we have to travel alone, unaware of the path, the destination but we love to go that way, filled with happiness, memories of someone and a hope that someday that ‘someone’ will hold our hand and the journey will take a new move. But not all of us are blessed with the kindness of love. But, of course, life gives us a second chance. This story is about Dhani and her tale of love. She also got the second chance to live, to love, and to be loved but what happened next? She also dreamt of a happy and loved life like an ordinary girl, but what made her extraordinary girl was her love, her sacrifice. How madly she loved someone but circumstances forced her to sacrifice her love, for the sake of love. How a teenage girl proved herself to be very sensible and mature girl, all because of “Love”. Love isn’t a word that can be described, but it’s an awesome feeling which cannot be experienced without falling in love. …

The Author By Raj Siddhi

वक्त को शायराना कर।
तू खिलाकर शाम के सन्नाटों से।
रूठा है जो ये वक्त तेरा,
याद रख सब पन्ने हो जाएंगे...
पुरानी एक किताब के।
यह जो बिखेर रखा है जिसने तुझे..
तू भी बेखौफ बिखेर दे उस डर को।
तू राख बनने का इंतज़ार मत कर।
सुबह होती है उनकी,
जो करते हैं ना इंतज़ार रातों की।
गहरी खामोशियां,
बिखरा वजूद,
अधूरे पन्ने,
तू खुद ही लिख कर समेट दे,
इससे पहले कि वो समेट ना ले तुझे।

Atmayen Bol Sakati Hain By Dr. Lalit Singh Rajpurohit

The book "Atmayen Bol Sakati Hain" with a tagline: the new stories unfolding within the mind by looking into outside world,  is actually a reflection of our today's society. The characters of these stories are the people who live around us but we never pay our attention to them. This book is an extraordinary collection of vivid stories which depict life in different parts and among different social classes in India. All the stories included in this book are different from each other with a range of diverse characters. Readers would love simple language and a new style of writing. Those readers who want to read new stories, for them, this book is an appropriate one. कविता संग्रह प्रकाशित होने के बाद डॉ. ललितसिंह की दूसरी पुस्‍तक का नाम है ‘’आत्‍माएँ बोल सकती हैं‘’ । यह एक कहानी संग्रह है, पुस्‍तक के नाम से ऐसा लगता है जैसे किसी ‘भूतहा दुनिया’ में ले जाने वाली कोई किताब। मगर, ऐसा नहीं है, इस पुस्‍तक में 14 कहानियों को समेटा गया है, कहानियाँ जो हमारे आस-पास के संसार को बुनती…


The readers' connect 
Reader connect has always been an important aspect for me as a journalist and this remains the unchangeable phenomenon as an author. One is complete as an author only when the readers from all quarters give you heartfelt opinions. Ever since my novel, The Undying Flame (A saga of an invincible will) has hit the market, I am getting feedback from the readers which are PRICELESS... To share a few... A reader from Chandigarh called up saying, "Ma'am, my wait to read something penned by you lasted and two years were worth the wait ....once again you have touched the souls with an honest narrative..." Another one came from a friend and an old colleague living in Canada, "You have made the honest journalistic fraternity very proud by weaving in the malpractice of healthcare system in the most touching yet interesting manner...." An interesting observation from a journalist being, "I am heartbroken thinking about the helplessness described in…

Prismatic Emotions: Journey From Ink To Heart By Hritik & Ritika

What is unique about this book?
Prismatic Emotions: Journey from Heart to Ink by the authors, Hritik Vats and Ritika, is something new. The very title of the book has been chosen after a lot of pondering and research. The difficulty was that the book captures all the basic nine emotions—love, joy, surprise, fear, sadness, anger, disgust, shame, and pride —in the form of poetries, prose, quotes, and short stories. The common thing in all the forms and emotions was the heart and reiteration of the colour red, no matter if as affection, care and love or as the epitome of anger, revenge, and rage. Thus, the heart became the prism through which the red light passes and gets segregated into various emotions. The book was decided to be a poetry book, initially but their much encouraging friends, writers, and readers desired to see the stories written by them in collaboration to be published. So the authors came up with the idea of section two in the book, i.e. “Short Stories” which by the comp…

Blue Rose Proudly Presents- Legends Over Generations by Ashraf Haggag

LOOK BACK AND LISTEN TO HISTORY, IT HAS SUCCESSFUL STORIES TO TELL Life stories of legends across generations After decades of being in the hospitality field I never thought that I would become an Author. For the past thirty years my job entitled me to travel across different parts of the world from the northern cold part of the globe down to the hot tropical weather in Africa. From the fast paced life in America to the ancient traditions of Asia, living and being exposed to the diversity of culture has encouraged me to share the experience through writing which lead up to the thought of highlighting on the historical legends and leaders from different parts of the globe with their stories and struggles. Genius minds contributed to various life aspects science, politics, literature, arts, social activities and so many other fields. They put a keen interest in every phenomenon right from when they were young. The zeal, passion, dedication, hard work and the effort they put in their work h…

Love Story Of A Soldier By Anurag Yadav

Pride of the NationAs our ears hear the word ‘soldier’, our mind creates a picture of a person dressed in the uniform with a gun in his hands and head wrapped in a shroud. Different people have different opinions and views regarding the life of soldiers. People say being soldier is a profession. Some people even say that soldiers are born to die but here I’m totally against those people. They are not born to die; however, they are dying for those people who are saying such words. The sacrifice of their life for the nation and its people is more than enough to state that being soldier is not a profession but it’s an attitude and way of living life with gratitude. Present scenario of international borders reveals that the soldiers are the only people which are saving us from the international threats. They fought and get wounded but still wear every wound with a smile on their faces. Their marvellous job deserves respect for them. Everyone should feel pride and their heart should beat fas…

Dhoomil By Suyash Mishra

Dhoomil is a collection of poems about the emotions one feels in the society. This is writer’s first attempt at sharing his views on human desire and man’s pursuit of happiness. The poems talk about the journey of a lonely man through the labyrinths of life. In this odyssey a man experiences various emotions like love, fear, insecurities, anxiety, love, friendship but his desire for happiness is immortal.
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