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The New You By Bharathi Santosh Kumar

The plight of the Unfortunate

After witnessing the education system through the windows of our Government school, it is obvious that the system ensures to sustain the rich and poor gap for forthcoming generations.  The state language is offered to the less fortunate children, while the fortunate grasped the language that fetched them future jobs and a promising career.
The issue is that vernacular medium is not wholesome. Beyond schooling, the children are in for a cultural shock which they hardly recover from. To a non-English medium student, learning in an engineering college has been a painful struggle. Some even fail to pass the subjects as they move from one semester to another. They hardly make any attempt themselves to seek help and avoid contact and tend to stay only with other non-English medium ones; which makes the situation worse and thereby they lose a fine opportunity to mature as fluent communicators. Added to this is their inability to participate in day-to-today experiences academically and socially. Because of such effective blocks, they avoid using English and hardly interact with their English medium peers or faculty for they probably believe that they may be getting into embarrassing situations and see their errors as threats to their egos. The shock is complete with their intelligence stunned and self-confidence eroded; consequently, it leads to avoidance, isolation and total loneliness in body and mind. They go through the motions, move from one semester to another until the frustration and inaction end, thankfully at the end of the eighth semester. Most government school teachers are poorly trained and barely proficient in the language.
1.       Government schools to provide good quality English medium education through teachers who are proficient and fluent in English.
2.       State language should be offered as the medium of education in Engineering and medical colleges and also as the medium of communication in job interviews.

Either of the above should be actioned in order to help these children. Else, only self-awareness and self-effort could. Hence, the book The New You is designed to develop essential life skills and English language skills. Specially tailored for students who love to converse in English despite their non-English speaking background.

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