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BlueRose Publishers Presents '7 Months' by Saad Dehlvi

The novel will reminiscence you about the old school days when everything used to be simple and the first love memories.
The reason my love story is so compelling to read is that there is something so powerful about a young love experience. It happens when our hearts are still innocent and pure, a relationship that will forever remember the hugs, cuddles, holding hands, sweet whispers, long drives, late night conversations, and the romantic strolls.
First love is the first experience of intimacy. Hugs, kisses, and cuddles in a first love relationship form the basis of the sweetest lifelong memories. This is the time when a simple act of holding hands makes you sweat and a romantic hug gives you goosebumps all over your body.
People don't fall in love for the first time with expectations or malicious intentions. It is a pure attraction, led by the heart and not the mind. The whole world seems beautiful and life becomes perfect. The only thing truly unique about my own story is tha…

BlueRose Publishers Presents 'The Storm in the Silence' by Nikhlesh Mathur

The Storm in the Silence
“Your medicine, which disappeared at City-cure, is in Dinshaw,” Aarti read the message repeatedly. She was overjoyed. She understood what he referred to.
 “I am coming there immediately,” she called him on a cell phone.
“No,” he replied, “If the police recognize you here then God forbid they might put him in some other hospital.”
“Then what should she do?”
She glanced at ward forty-two. The door was still closed.
Aarti endures the storm in silence, she sustains the attacks on her with courage, she maneuvers her moves cleverly. She defies the odds. She also fires back without worrying about any blizzard which surrounds her.
Her cries don’t pin her down; her tears don’t make her prosaic. She takes the charge in her own hands when she finds the world of men, including her loved ones, drawing battle lines for her.  But she refuses to throw down the gauntlet.  Like a warrior woman, she outclasses her adversaries with characteristic astuteness using intellect and b…

BlueRose Publishers presents 'Stories from my heart' by Rekha

Love is not a mere word but it is a world in itself. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It brings happiness to us. Though true love is difficult to find if you give your hundred percent nothing in the world can stop you from achieving.
The Girl of my dreams:
This is a beautiful story of Rajat and Nisha and their journey of love. They met each other, fell in love and circumstances forced them to part their ways. But, as we know love finds its way. And, so they met again. They faced many issues in their lives but nothing could stop them from being one. They made their love succeed with the determination and courage. Life is really beautiful when you feel the love in it. We keep on searching for love, but it comes to you in a surprising way. Mostly, when you least expect it. But, if it is true it will come to you how many times it has to face struggle and problems but you overcome them with a strong will.
I wish all my readers a happy reading. And, wish you a lovely life.


BlueRose Publishers presents Young Exam-Toppers by P N Rao


With respect to academics, with the changing scenario today, it has become important for the students to cope up well with the demands of academics on them. To combat competition and to progressively increase in performance levels, it is rather imperative that the students begin to “realize” the significance of maximizing “self-application to studies," with a little support from parents and teachers.

Nowadays, unfortunately, the verbal communications between the parents and students center more around comparisons, expectations, and excuses for poor performances, rather than motivation, result-oriented application, and installing a “self-realization” in the mind of the child.

Young Exam—Toppers makes verbal interactions between parents and students more meaningful and positive, and also to tries to bridge the gap between “academic demands” and “study application” for the benefit of the children, parents, and teachers.


BlueRose Publishers presents The Wheel of Creation by Rakhi Roy Halder

Science Never Clashes with Spirituality
The Wheel of Creation is the English translation of the collected volume of Hindi poems “Srishti Chakra” written by Rakhi Roy Halder. Her students of Loreto college, Kolkata translated many poems of this book, under the guidance of the editor of the book Subhasree Basu, faculty of Loreto College. Man is an integral part of creation. His life is governed by the law of the universe. The human intellect categorizes things for the convenience of understanding. This categorization leads to a disintegrated view of creation. Science versus spirituality is one such example of disintegrated vision. As described by Swapna Behera—Educationist, Editor, and Bilingual Author, The Wheel of Creation is a rare combination of Science and Poetry. This collection of poems aims at expressing the roller coaster ride that is life and uniting the spiritual and scientific consciousness to reveal the magical power of energy flowing through the entire universe, which pla…

BlueRose Publishers presents 'The Self' And The Universe by Rakhi Roy Halder

How Human ‘Self’ Connects with the Universe and Changes Lives?
The ‘Self’ is a unique form of energy. The universal energy deeply influences the ‘Self’. The thoughts and desires created by the ‘Self’ can interact with universal energy to create new realities in life. In the piece The ‘Self’ and the Universe, efforts have been made to present the scientific relationship between the ‘Self’ and the universal energy. This work also appeals to bring a new realm of thoughts in society by creating scientific consciousness about the ‘Self’. The ‘Self’ and the Universe is a collection of fourteen stories, woven in the form of a conversation to present the dynamic relation between the ‘Self’, society, nature and universe, giving an idea about the unique power hidden in the ‘Self’. With a wish to contribute to the cause of restoration of peace and harmony in the world by creating scientific awareness about the ‘Self’, author Rakhi Roy Halder dedicated this piece to all those people, who cherish…

BlueRose Presents Bhinnta Ka Safar Ek Se by Sandeep Bharti

Bhinnta Ka Safar Ek Se describes that the origin of anything belongs to only one point. When I focused on all the thing I concluded that the origin of anything belongs to only one point whether it looks different or works differently.
Why I am telling all these stuff because many time I have heard and saw people debating on god, human and their superiority, cast, religion etc. With this book, I’ve tried describing who is God? Who is human? What is the world? And what is our position in this universe? This book challenges almost all the religion and tries to resolve all problems which are related to our society. This book keeps all solution to problems in itself which is related to our society. Whatever should be the basic knowledge of a common humanity that is written in this book, the main motive of this book is to remove all racism from society and maintain humanity.
Therefore, I believe when you read this book you will try to change your perception towards society. This book is fu…

BlueRose Publishers Presents "Miraj" by Shruti Wason

Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything; perception, cognition thoughts and feelings personal relationships they’re all a projection of you
Deepak Chopra

Love is the most profound word that expresses relationships in its most evocative image. The way nowadays people are exploiting relationships for their selfish needs has made the relationship sour. Instead of prioritizing on making a relationship to attain happiness, people are focusing it to reach specific goals.
Relationship is a very wholesome term but the happiness or sorrow generated through it can give success or setback in life. In the world today our perspective has become so important that we have selfish in our perspectives. Understanding other's point of view is not anymore our priority but forcing our expectations and demands adds to the sourness in the relationships. If a relationship suffers the people related to it suffer the most. Marriages get broken because of failed …

BlueRose Publishers presents "An Incomplete Love Story" by Apoorva Sharma

Life is so unpredictable; you never know what the destiny had planned for you. A single twist can turn up your life completely. In the story, An Incomplete Love Story, the girl Mahi, who loves her life to the fullest lives it with positive energy and enjoy every moment with great happiness. Moreover, the best came in her life when she tasted the feeling of love; she was on top of the world. However, she was unaware of the fact that something very unusual was waiting for her. She lost her love on the day when she was about to disclose it to her family and friends. That her life changes completely, and that happened when she least expected.

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BlueRose Publishers "Afsaana Tera Mera" by Pradeep Nigam

All subjects are important, but it is not necessary that one which is important for me is always important for others. For someone religion or ritual is more important and for some, their country is their priority. There are few people for whom humanity is important. When we talk about humanity then we must keep it above religion, rituals and country. But someone who is hardcore religious or patriotic, he/she will not like this opinion, for them, these people are atheistic or traitor. This world cannot be saved by these religious people or patriotic people but can be saved by lovers of humanity. Religion, rituals and countries started bringing people close not to conflict, but with the time everything is changed. However, when some people try to impose their own views on others, this initiates conflict. Everyone wants freedom, but at the same time don’t allow others to be free. Why some people think that they, their religion, rituals and country is the best? For everyone, …

BlueRose Publishers Presents 'Walk With Me' by Kalpesh Bhati

Walk with me is a beautiful love poetry collection made up with 8 English and 17 Hindi poems. It is a result of 2 years of dedication towards writing. It was the dedication of author that he managed to give time to his passion with his study and part time job. Every poem of this collection contains a different fragrance of love. If you are in love with someone then it is only for you. Each word will give you sensation of every single thing of your love. You can feel the lustre of your love and the words can increase embellishment of your love. Readers can feel ecstasy of love poetry by reading this.

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BlueRose presents 'The Inspiration Collective' by Shivansh Joshi

I know you have been suffering and you do not know how to get out of it. You had no one there to give perspective about life. You didn’t have anyone teaching you how to be a man. And the smile on your face is just a muscle movement. But I want to tell you that we are all suffering and you are not alone in this suffering. This suffering is normal, its natural. Your mission as a human is to see how you can transform that pain into an asset in something you can help the world with. If you have an anger you can turn it in an art and express. And I believe the most genuine expression of the human spirit is through art. You can express ugliness inside through an art. It will start adding beauty in your life. Stop moping about situations. Don’t victimize yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Sit down and catch your breathe again. Dust yourself off and start it again. Be strong, be real. Real humans don’t mope in life because in real life no one’s suffering i…

BlueRose presents ‘Get Ready My Love’ by Narmadha Kamalakannan

Do successful marriage exists? Is your book a key to successful marriage? , as we asked Narmadha Kamalakannan. The author gave a witty smile and asked us back: “Do you really think there is a ‘successful picture perfect’ marriage?” She followed with another question “Or is it all about enjoying the imperfections together and accepting the dissimilarities to love the person for who they are?” Her questions made us to take a deeper look at the topic than what catches the eye. We were deeply engrossed
into listening as the author continued, “My first book ‘GET READY LADY’ is a motivational book for women joining
back to work after a break. And when I was conducting book talks and met my readers, most of them had a common
view that however determined they were, more often than not it was their better half’s support that can make or
break their journey. The better halves had their side of the story too. These feedbacks led to my curiosity to take a
deeper look at marriage.  With focused dis…