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BlueRose Publishers Presents "Nefarious Debacle" by S Hemamalini

Hey guys! I am S. Hemamalini, author of Nefarious Debacle. I hereby want to thank Blue Rose Publishers, for accepting my book to publish. I want to thank Aditya, my Publication Consultant, and Priti, my Publication Manager, for guiding me through the publishing process. I also thank my cover designer and the editor for their great support. I am thankful to the entire crew for working hard to publish my book. I also want to thank the artist and my close friend — Ritika, for her art that is imprinted inside the book. She put my ideas into very admiring pieces of art. Thanks for everything Ritu, and Ashwitha for helping Ritika. I am grateful to all my friends and family, who have been encouraging me all this time. Most of them asked me if I had any reason/motto to write this book. I probably didn’t have any sort of reason when I started writing this book, but as time passed, I found two main reasons to complete my book. Know more about my reasons in my next article! Will be waiting for …
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BlueRose Publishers Presents "Stories I Never Told" by Sourav Pati

Stories I Never Told is like one of my dreams come true. I could write down a few personal experiences of my life as well as of others and I really feel privileged when I find my fan following, this interested to read my book. I'm grateful to all those who've helped me to reach this point overcoming every obstacle that came in my way. It could never have been possible without the combined efforts of my near and dear ones. The stories in this book mainly make you know about the reality of life and how it can be both, beguiling as well as devastating. There will be bad situations, broken hearts, and those unhealed scars but anyhow, you'll have to move on and go with the flow. Life goes on no matter what so ever happens. So, it basically gives a message to my readers that moving on is a part of life. To all my readers, I thank you all, I hope you do like the stories and feel them from your heart.

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BlueRose Publishers 'Education Finance in South Asia: Concepts, Theories, and Applications' by Devi Prasai

Challenges to education finance
South Asia has been facing several challenges in financing education. The major challenges are as follows:
A total of 10 million children are out of school in South Asia and they have been facing multiple exclusions; therefore, bringing them to elementary schools is a greater challenge to the school system. Second, equity has remained an unfinished and less addressed agenda in South Asia. Inequity is still at the alarming stage between the males and females, between the income groups, ethnic groups and between the settings (rural and urban areas), which has affected the whole socio-economic development of South Asia. Third, improving quality remained a challenge to South Asia. Poor quality of education has adversely affected the economic growth of South Asia. Forth, South Asia always demands more funds for educational development but forgets the better choices. More spending choices increase the efficiency of education finance. Fifth, adequacy of fundi…

BlueRose Publishers Presents "Seize Your Life" by Manuara Chisty

Sanaya’s Journey
We all are in a generation where people are more concerned about status and pics updated via fb, Instagram and snapchat. An age where the real meaningful relationship and human connection is lost with mere whatsapp msgs/ video calls. Amidst this competitive world where each of us is competing to showcase how we are better than others instead of filling our own cup of happiness, we get frustrated, depressed and addicted, and also get suicidal tendency. We all wear a veil to protect the true and naked self of ours, afraid to become vulnerable because we fear being hurt. We are afraid to trust ourselves. We complicate simple things of life into a maze by over thinking, over analyzing and self-sabotaging our own self-basis others opinions and judgments. We completely forget who we truly are and our own desires as we start leaving in fear of being hurt or hurt others and suppressing our own desires so that we are just accepted in the society and become someone else. We ch…

BlueRose Publishers Presents "Happy Hours: Cheers to Life" by Sweta Chowdhury

Happy Hours: Cheers to Life is a simple reading that offers you handy techniques to attract happiness and peace in life. The book has beautiful examples and candid mention of how my clients and trainees have benefitted with this simple sounding yet powerful tips which have created remarkable amazing changes!

The title itself suggests that it’s all about creating those happy hours in our lives! It’s about the achievement of ‘high of relationships’ that we all wish for.

Though there are a lot of self-help books available on shelves which are very effective, this book offers a very simple and easy reading and doesn’t demand too much of time. Every chapter is about a small technique supported by true and real examples of our clients (with names changed).

This book offers a visual flavor with some interesting caricatures supporting our concepts and makes it easily understood. Every time you go through a chapter, it inspires you to immediately try your hands on it. When you experience the …

BlueRose Publishers Presents 'Ankahi' by Suchi Shukla

This perennial question which has haunted mankind since times immemorial has intrigued me too. Not a day passes when I do not think about it. Born and brought up in a normal middle-class Brahmin family where both my parents were Government servants, I had a plethora of experiences and exposure to all kinds of worldly knowledge. Being eldest of all the three siblings, I was to be mature and responsible even when I was a child myself.
What it means to have a mother who is a teacher is an experience beyond words. The basic and forever loathed emotions of discipline, accountability and integrity flow and blow around you and you have no way out but to breathe them – sink in them. Not only that if you have a father who is morally upright even though he is a Central Government employee – you had it all. You grow up amongst people who are indifferent to their work and those who slog their way out behind piles and piles of work (courtesy indifferent people). One such man was my fath…

BlueRose Publishers Presents 'A Mistake to remember in Kolkata museum' by Md Jannatul Fardoush

Why fiction is important

Everyone will agree that reading is an important component in developing a successful life. It seems almost universal that the more successful you are, the more you read. But this focus on reading is one-dimensional. People get caught up in non-fiction— self-help books, business books, books on sales and marketing, health and psychology, and relationships. These are all valid books to spend your time reading. They are filled with information that can help you better in your career and life. But it’s a mistake to leave fiction in the dust.
          Fiction is a forgotten gem and untapped well of knowledge and information. It has the power that no other form of communication does—the power to insert you fully and completely in someone else’s mind. When you read fiction, you are seeing the world through a character’s eyes. Good fiction runs deep into the kingdom of psychology and philosophy. It helps you to understand people’s perspective, gain experience, impr…