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Behind the Crimson Tears... by Avisek Prasad

Beautiful narration, strong characters and a fast paced and high voltage drama
Are tears predominantly a sign of weakness? Some of you may abruptly say ‘Yes’ but think again! Is enduring the pain of an abusive marriage easy? Is dealing with a heartbreak easy? Is dragging the corpse of a dead relationship throughout your life easy? Life is never easy and neither will it ever be... Holding back the burden of pain in your heart is not easy! Holding back your tears in the emptiness  of your life is not so easy! Because not every story in real world is a story of roses and chocolates... because some stories are the stories of thorns, bruises, tears and a perennial pain of desolation... because it’s true that in the world of love stories , there do lie some stories which have all the forte to falsify every beautiful definition of love! Behind the Crimson Tears is one such book  authored by Avisek which portrays  blunt images of the dark side of our so-called cultured society where women are t…

Story Of Money By Maj Navin Chandra

Financial discipline refers to how well you are able to be consistent with your needs, essential and otherwise. Spending and saving based on well-founded plans is the key to achieving your monetary goals. The grooming has to start on a sound foundation laid early in the formative years of one’s life.
Spur-of-the-moment outings with friends amongst others entailing purchases can make a dent in the financial discipline intended to ensure a stress-free course into the future. Living within one’s means reduces the unsolicited burdens. The primary reason that most adults have financial problems is not that of low earnings but is attributable to a general lack of self-discipline and the inability to delay gratification. This weakness of character so prevalent among the majority of adults in society today, it is noticed goes back to early childhood. It is, therefore, indispensable that personal finance education is needed to help an individual or a family make rational financial decisions th…

Diva-The Ocean Princess By Kusum Vijay Kumar

Diva is my first debut noble which is published, and out now. It is very close to my heart, as the idea for this story came from my 10 months old daughter (now she is 2.8 years old), bathing in a bath tub. She was playing with water, and I called her little fish princess. It was then that suddenly this story clicked to my mind. I decided to name it DIVA, as my little princess name is Diva. The story is about a fairy fish who is a princess of the world’s largest kingdom, i.e. Oceana. But when she was about to be born, a witch Volcania defeated her father king Gene, and snatched his kingdom from him. He, along with his pregnant wife and some trustworthy kings men, left Oceana to take shelter from his wife’s brother David, who was king of Rala kingdom. As Diva grew up, she was unaware about her real kingdom, she assumed that she is princess of Rala kingdom. Soon time came when she met her love Aaron, who was a human being. Both later came to know that they are companions from their past…

THE LIFE OPTIONS-Part I By Dr. Bhaskar Mehta

There are both, Good people and bad people in the world, By their own choices. If I have to divide the people in the world, There are only two types of people in the whole world: Good people and bad people; Irrespective of Cast, creed, colour, or class. They used to exist earlier also, They will be there in the future also. If there were angels, there were demons also. If there were saints, there were crooks also. If there were creators, there were destroyers also. Thousands of years have passed, Not only has the world survived, But it has shown tremendous progress From ‘Caveman’ era To The present ‘Civilized’ era, In spite of the presence of, The demons, the crooks, and the destroyers.
The good has ultimately won over the evils. Choose to be good, It will always pay you with the progress.
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Unknown Tribute To Pm By Avtar Singh

I am not a writer, certain situations made me one. This novel all about my true experience of the past life. One day during engineering days I had gone to meet the Prime Minister. I decided to go meet PM without further delay.  So, I started preparing the schedule in my mind. When I reached Delhi to meet the Prime Minister, I met great people who work for our system, but never got any publicity. After meeting the Prime Minister, I came to know how parliament works. After reading this novel, we—the taxpayer—are made fool by our politicians. Every coin has one head and one tail. But if we talk about parliament, there is only a head and no tail. All of them came together to fool us. There is no future of our country until the political drama is exposed. It is only possible if we all stood together forgetting our religion, caste, state, and community.   Jai Hind… Jai Bharat... Author Website: Shop on: AmazonFlipkartShopcluesBluerose

Tum Ajnabi Hi Rehti By Gautam Anand

“Tum Ajnabi Hi Rahti” is a beautiful journey of love. The journey without any destination. In fact, love is a perfect journey in itself.  It does not have any purpose. The real love teaches us that living together or separate should never have a sense of hatred or infidelity for each other; the feeling of love and respect for each other should always be there in the mind.
All the poems in this book are based on different aspects of love between two innocent and holy souls. Since the advent of the first meeting to the splitting of hope, the fear of disappointment will be overcome, the uneasiness of meeting or not meeting, the fear of being discouraged, the expectations, ever desperation, the life after splitting. I felt all this while living in love and dropped it all as a poem on paper. Hopefully, readers will love this book and will feel connected to my poems.
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Deep Inside Happiness By Shivani Anil Kukreja

Days in and days out. There are times when I feel I am of no worth. I feel like I am nobody and I keep doubting my existence. There are times when I feel people talk to me because they have some work from me and will leave when the work gets completed. There are days when I just want to lie on the bed lifeless and cry my heart out. There are days where I feel like killing myself and once and for all deleting myself from this world. Sometimes the pain overtakes our willpower, our dreams, our happiness, ourselves as well. But then there are days when I wake up with this power where I can conquer the whole world. There are days where I am calmer and still. There are days when I feel and know that I am worth whatever I am today. This pain makes me realize I am alive; this pain gives me this unknown power or strength to fight over it once again. I know I have tried 1000 times to kill myself but now just once only for once I will live, the way I wanted to and want it to. Maybe killing myself…

The Mind Game By Devika Das

Accept Failure With A Smile Reasons why people may fail? Peer pressure: Each person has a different level of aptitude and capability to learn. Your friend may be good in academics but might lack creativity skills. You might be creative but may not have an inclination towards bookish knowledge. So, identify your potential and hone your skills.Goal-setting: Mostly, an individual is not independent in determining personal goals. Parents decide educational goals, friends determine social goals, and the society decides after-life goals (i.e. how you should be remembered by others after you die). Amidst all this, where do YOU feature? Despite being free, you are not allowed to decide what’s good or bad for you. It is high time when you take a step to change this trend.Procrastination: Obviously, if you fail once, you will have to put in extra efforts to build your potential. This effort requires a focused and disciplined approach. Are you ready?Negative attitude: When you fail once, it is hum…